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What do you do when you are feeling down and out?

Whenever stress get the better of me, I want to be around young kids.Remember we used to be a young kid too.We play hard, laugh hard and fearless. As we grew up, some of us has forgotten to laugh out loud. We have learn many new skills but we have lost some communication skills with others amidst the technology era. Maybe some of us have lost the courage to explore further. We have been too comfortable in our comfort zone or we are too afraid to lose out.

Last year 2020 was a life changing year for me. I always thought I have good relationship with my spouse however it was when both of you are not doing anything and you have to be together for the longest time in life due to lockdown, then you realised that communication is an essential skill. We start to have low tolerance to each other. We couldn’t see eye to eye on lots of household mundane stuff. Quarrels were often.

However we found joy to be with our 2 kids doing things together eg cooking, painting and exercising.

It took me out of my comfort zone to learn something new in 2021. My kids taught me to be an explorer. Always ready to take on something new and always full of zest and enthusiasm when comes to learning a new skill. I am learning videography and editing now to compliment with my photography. Hopefully I can tell more stories of my clients through more stills combined with motion.

Be fearless!Start exploring and this too will pass!


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