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Tips to create a stand-out Facebook Cover Photo

When visitors come to your Facebook Page, the 1st thing they are most likely to see is your Facebook Cover Photo and your profile photo.It occupy about a quarter of your page on most desktop browser.If you are the brand yourself. you would want to be seen clearly and your message delivered effectively.

1) Make sure your cover photo dimensions are 828 px wide by 315 px on desktop, 640 px wide by 360 px on mobile to look good

Facebook Cover Photo dimensions

2)Place your photo or important information on the right as the left will be blocked by your profile photo for your personal Facebook page

Lisa Lum Facebook cover photo

3) Do not place important information at the bottom of the cover photo

However for a business page, you have the luxury to design a whole cover photo without your profile photo blocking anything. See example below

Facebook cover photo of Lisa Lum photography

4)Build a strong rapport with your audience introducing the employees in your company

Facebook cover photo for Team branding photography

another example as below

Facebook cover photo of Soracco choir

5)For personal branding, you might want to portrait yourself as a professional and add in your own personal quote for a more personal touch.

Facebook cover photo of Vincent Soo

6)Make use of the space to showcase your looks for personal branding for models and actors

Facebook Cover Photo for Henry Xiao

7)To promote yourself for personal branding,simplicity is the best. Not too much text on the photo

Facebook Cover Photo for Yuna Chew

8)Another example of a simple cover photo

Facebook cover photo for Kaster Seng

9)A simple message on your cover photo

Facebook Cover photo for Robin Choo

Read the Full Facebook Guidelines here

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