How to Use Your Photo To Make Your Business Card Standout

I guess some of you has been to some networking session and comes home with a bunch of namecards. Now it is the guessing game, do you really remember who's who?What's easier to remember, someone's logo, company name or photo?

If you want to be memorable to others, the best way is to insert a photo of yourself on your business card. A professional photo on your business card, is the best way to stand out from everyone else, promote you and your brand and allow the recipient to remember you long after the networking session. After all, networking is about establishing relationships and then continuing the conversation afterwards.

corporate photos for namecards

Here are some tips for making your namecard to standout

female corporate photography

1. Make sure your photo is BIG enough to be clearly seen and have an impact to make a clear statement.Not a little thumbnail or postage stamp size in the corner. This is your opportunity to make a statement and stand out!Make sure it is a half body or headshot. Unless If you are a actor,fitness trainer or model, you can be more adventurous to have a 3/4 or full length photo to show off your body

2. Always use a up-to-date photo of yourself facing to the front.Best to match your business card photo with all your social media photo so they are visually aligned and clients can look for you easily online just by looking at the photo