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The Making of a Star!

I was privileged to be the branding photographer for 陳肇佑 Hayden Chen debut Chinese singles album 【怕什麼】(literally translated "scared what")

陳肇佑 Hayden Chen is a singer from Taiwan managed by Royal Entertainment Singapore.I must say he has a unique husky manly voice despite his young age.He seems like he is having a flu whenever he sings.I personally like this song for its jazzy and easy to remember melody and of cause his unique husky manly voice.This song 【怕什麼】is composed by 谭志华,the composer and lyricist for 李圣杰 《最近》.

On the photo shoot day,I remember clearly that he was very nervous initially and was worried about posing.That's because many people are staring at him-his other fellow artists friends, his artist manager, make-up artist and a stranger photographer that's me! It was the 1st time that we met.So we started with a "appertizer" shot 1st asking him to jump up and down, warming him up.He jumped for so many times that he started to pant and perspire.Until then we asked him to stop as afraid that his make-up will melt. Hahaahha.....

As we go on from jumping shots to some casual shots then to the final making of his front cover shot for his album, he has already loosen up and getting into the mood. After the 1st few shots of Hayden against the black backdrop, I realised he resemble another Taiwan Singer Jay Chou. Hey readers, do you think so?

As follow is 陳肇佑 Hayden Chen【怕什麼】Singles Album Front cover branding photo.

This is the Music video of 陳肇佑 Hayden Chen 【怕什麼】.Please enjoy and share if you like.

If you like his song, you can follow him on the following link

Any aspiring talents who can sing,act, emcee or dance well, you may want to check out Royal Entertainment is always on the lookout for new talented artistes from local and overseas.

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