7 Top Poses For Man To Stand Out In The Corporate Industry

For the guys out there,have you ever tell someone that you are not photogenic enough to be photographed?Have you ever taken a photo and thought that you look crappy and it makes you do not have the confidence to stand in front of the camera any more and start thinking that photo taking is only for professional models?

For people in the corporate world, your company needs a nice photo of you to be published in the company's newsletter or annual report or perhaps you have been interviewed by a magazine and they need your photo to be published urgently.Probably some of you is going for the a interview for the dream job of yours and you need a decent nice photo for your resume.You start looking into your archive and hope to crop out a headshot from that holiday photo of yours by the pool.Either they are over-exposed against the sun or under-exposed under the tree or poor resolution taken from your phone.All these photos doesn't do justice to your corporate profile and your corporate image.As the saying goes ''A picture tell a thousand words" and you want your photo to represent you as approachable, trustable and efficient in your work.But you never had a nice photo taken of you and always think that you are not photogenic and it makes you uncomfortable to be in front of the camera.Yes guys I hear you all.....

I hear many of these stories from my male clients and the good news is you do not have to feel this way any more.Photogenic is a skill that can be learn and master easily and fast with my easy-to-follow tips and coaching.I am going to share some of the killer poses for the corporate man out there.You too can be a model now!

I not only coach you to pose and smile,I design a photoshoot which aligns with what you do that can capture your essence.This is branding and the brand is "YOU"!

corporate pose for man

1. I named this the "Business Time" pose.Hands clenched and rest on your lap represent a relax and mean business look.