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Top 7 poses for female corporate photography for branding

I often hear my client says "I am not photogenic".The good news is being photogenic is a skill that can be learned and not something that we are born with.

corporate photography package by Lisa Lum

1. Tilt body to left or right at a 45 degrees angle facing front.Cross arm and look relax.Cross arm pose would never go wrong but instead it is one of the all-time favourite dynamic corporate pose

Executive photo shoot for branding by Lisa Lum

2. Sitting down pose but always remember to tilt body to left or right according to your best looking side.Remember to tug in your tummy

female corporate pose for corporate photography by Lisa Lum

3.Remember to sweep one side of your hair away from your shoulders.Smile at your widest and smile with your eyes too.

corporate headshot for branding by Lisa Lum

4.Hold onto your jacket pose to command a "I know my stuff" attitude.Stand Tall and tug in your tummy

corporate photography package for resume by Lisa Lum

5.Support your chin pose is suitable for old and young.It makes one look more approachable and casual looking.

Favourite pose for corporate photography for branding by Lisa Lum

6.Cross arm pose look similar to the other ones above however this type of cross arm would be able to show all your fingers.If you have slender fingers, this is a nice pose.It convey a message of "I have nothing to hide" and "I am professional and ready to serve"

Hands together pose taken outdoor.This kind of pose represent at ease with everyone including your competitor.Covey an approachable attitude and able to deal with big or small stuffs efficiently.

To have a personal quote for your own branding always add a more personal touch to your image. What you personally strongly believe in and hopes to make a difference to the lifes of others can be your own personal quote.

If you are planning to bring your career or business to the next level, please feel free to drop me a line at call +65 6634 8321 to discuss and design a photo shoot which align with what you do. A good high quality branding portraits raise your online presence.

With love to your success!

Lisa Lum

Personal Branding Photographer

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