6 things you need to know before going into the President House, Istana

The Stateroom at The Istana

This is the 2nd year that we are invited into The Istana The President House to provide our Event Branding photography and instant printing services. At the Awards Ceremony, photos of the 47 scholarship recepients receiving awards given by Minister of Defence Ng Eng Hen were printed instantly and given back to them as souvenir.Last year it was very well received and this year I am requested to be the official photographer for the MINDEF/SAF Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2016. I feel very honoured to photograph the Awards Ceremony. I always see Istana on TV with all the important people from all over the world and here I am so blessed to be able to step on the ground of Istana. Above photo is The Stateroom in Istana where awards ceremony took place.

Here are the 6 things to know before going into Istana

1)2 weeks before the event, we are required to submit our details and vehicle plate number for clearance

2)There is no photography and videography allowed in Istana unless authorized

3)On the day of event, you have to go through security check at the entrance before going in

4)Your things that you brought in (my cameras and equipments) will be x-rayed scan

5)We are not allow to loiter about.Only restricted to the event area.

6)We are also not allow to go near the swimming pool and disallow to photograph the swimming pool

Nevertheless these slight inconvenience and restriction, I have taken every opportunity to appreciate this 18th century unique architecture and captured some photos to share.

Following are some Event Branding Photos.Why is Event Branding important?That's because it can build rapport with the public or your ideal clients and also to share the happiness of your event celebrated milestone.People who are following you on social media can get to know you and your company more and also to build a reputation of a trustable and efficient organization

Scholars 2016 waiting to serve The Air force after their studies

Scholars waiting to serve The Air Force after their studies