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Celebrating SG 50 with Mr Lee Hsien Loong

Class of 1985 30th Anniversary Reunion GOH PM of Singapore Mr Lee Hsien Loong

In year 2015 is the year Singapore celebrates SG50. A year which makes the country 50th year of independency. I am very blessed to be born at this country. I have celebrated more than half of the country's National Day. I am also very excited to be involved in anything SG50. I am honoured to be engaged as a photographer for this special event as seen on the photo - It was NTU Class of 1985 30th Anniversary Reunion and the Guest-of-honour is our Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong and he waas giving a speech at the event. It was very heart-warming to see many ex-students from the class 1985 who gathered back at this event for a reunion. Not seeing each other for such a long time and seeing everyone back for the 1st time after 30 years, I experienced the air was filled with awkwardness, anticipation, excitement, laughter and reminiscence as I stood aside overhearing their conversation. Usual start up lines I heard was ''You are???'', ''Hey remember me?'', ''You never changed much'', ''What are you doing now?'', ''Remember you were sitting next to me?''As some of them reminisced and joked about the past, some others overheard and resonate with it, joined in the conversation and the ballroom was thundered with even more laughters.

I always wanted to create something to commemorate SG50 so I came up with the idea of creating a short video with casts from my newly-found classmates from Landmark Introduction Leadership Program which I was doing. With this whole bunch of 20 awesome people, we spent 2 days filming around The Pinnacle @ Duxton and came out with the video titled " I Love People".

This video is about how our fellow countrymen help each other in our mundane everyday life event

I always love story telling and I wish to create more short films in the near future. Please feel free to drop me a line at for your branding portraits or short film collaboration

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