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Maternity Photography

If you are reading this, you must be becoming a mum soon.  Congratulation in advance. Been through 2 pregnancy myself, I know exactly how you feel. Appetite changes, body changes and sleepless nights. Anticipating for the "BIG day'' and yet sometimes doesn't feel like letting it out. Such dilemma right!

The best time for maternity photography is during 36 - 37 weeks. It is when the tummy at the roundest and mummy not yet bloated from water retention. 

*Due to the nature of this photography and modesty of clients, not many portfolio images are displayed here. Please call me or write to me to discuss further on your maternity photo-shoot session. No obligation.

If you are looking for a female maternity photographer who understands your needs and requirement, I am the one to go to :P

Maternity photography
maternity photography by Lisa Lum
black and white maternity photoshoot
Couple maternity photography
Mummy and child photography
mummy and child photography
Boudoir maternity photography
Award winning photo for NDP
Boudoir maternity photography
maternity photography by Lisa Lum
Casual maternity photoshoot
Maternity photography by Lisa Lum
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