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(My little Achievement and my passion)

Lisa Lum female portrait photographer in Singapore

At 9 years old my mum's friend Aunty Lan gave me her beloved SLR camera (image as follow) when she learns that I love photo-taking.Every week I would save my pocket money and spend it on buying rolls of films and developing them.During the 80s there was no digital cameras and no preview of images before developing, the 36 exposures on each roll of film were very precious and each shot that you want to snap had to be well-planned if not money would go down the drain.I must admit that I had spent alot of money on photography.All money were pocket money that I starved myself during school recess.(I think that's the reason why I was so skinny back then.hahaha!) 

From young, I love to tell stories and I am proud to say during my school days,my English and Mandarin composition often scored high. That's one of the reason, I love photography because I am able to tell stories through my photography. Since then photography has always been my passion that I made myself a photographer in the year 2005 when I founded The Colourful Faces Studio (Read more on my blog about the start-up of The Colourful Faces Studio)

When DSLR has an added function of videoing, I fully took advantaged of it and made many short films out of it and earned myself a few awards.(shared some as follow) Further putting my story-telling skills to use.

My 1st camera at 9 years old

Lisa Lum 1st camera given to her at 9 years old that inspired her to be a photographer

Year 2005 - Founder of The Colourful Faces Studio

Instant photobooth instant photography instant prints

Year 2008 - Interview on ''Choices'' magazine on ''How did you become a photographer?'

Lisa Lum interview on Choices magazine article on ''How did you become a photographer?''

Year 2009 - Grand Award-winning photographer of National Day Parade 2009 photography competition ''Come together''

Lisa Lum 1st prize award-winning photo for NDP 2009 titled '' 3 Generation''
Lisa Award winning photo and interview on The Straits Time Monday July 20 2009

Year 2011 - Mica Grant winner of The New Paper Videography competition titled ''You are my inspiration''

Lisa Lum won the MICA Grant for The New Paper First Film Fest short film competition

Winning video titled ''You are my inspiration'

Year 2012 -Recepient of The Successful Entreprenuer Award

Lisa Lum and Dean Choo of The Colourful Faces Studio receiving Successful Entrepreneur Award 2012
Dean Choo and Lisa Lum of The Colourful Faces Studio proud recipient of the Successful Entrepreneur Award 2012

Year 2012 - Merit award winner of National Day photo competition 

Lisa Lum merit award winning photo for NDP photo competition titled "bonding"

Year 2013 - "Special Mention Award" presented to me for the video production of "I will be there for you Singapore" for National Day Parade cINE65 II

Lisa Lum receiving "Special Mention Award" for cINE65 film competition

Year 2014 - Merit award winner for National Day photo competition 2014

Lisa Lum merit award winning photo for National Day Parade 2014 photo competition

Year 2015 - Filmed a short film specially for SG50 Singapore National Day titled''I Love People'

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